Stylish and contemporary living room design ideas

The contemporary living room design ideas will help you to design the living room. It is modern, and gives you maximum space to have a warm and comfortable living room.

Stylish and contemporary living room design ideas for apartment

The interior contemporary living room

contemporary living room design
The small living room makes you struggle on how you arrange the furniture, how gets more seating, how to get more natural light and many more. Here are the genius ways to design your small apartment living room.
• Draw eye upward. Since you want to make the room look bigger, then you need to make the focal point that can turn the eye from tiny space. The apartment with a high ceiling can get the benefit for the vertical dimension by decorating it in manners ways that will make the eyes upward. The floor-ceiling drape is one of a stylish way to achieve the goals. You also can use the beam in the ceiling to do that.
• Keep the things linear. If you want to add decorate things or furniture, the then use varies of a geometric shape that gives the sense of additional length and width illusion.
• Choose furniture that has lightweight visually look. For example, you can choose the glass table and length chair leg without an arm. It gives more space to you to see the floor plan.
• Choose the leg to lose furniture. If you need an extra space for storage or display then you may consider for lag-free and the attached units to the wall. The floating shelves will tricks eye into thinking less space as there are floor areas that still available. The available space can be used for setting any storage or furniture.

The saving space tricks for a small apartment

contemporary living room design
• Decorate with mirrors. This is the one that most people know to have a more spacey and airy looked. When mirrors place in strategically place, this can make the room look larger.
• Use neutral color. Keep neutral color for walls, ceiling, furniture upholstery, and floor ‘that can expand the space as it pushes back the walls.
• A wall of books. Instead of using book rack/shelves, the wall book is a great way to turn empty wall and make it as a top mini library. You can make it with built-in effect and get the lux appearance by choosing the rich color such as the deep hunter green and add molding that gives a polished custom look to this contemporary living room design ideas.

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