How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

What things those need to do get smart ideas to decorate your bedroomwhen it has a small space? Decoration in a small space if it does not set in appropriate ways, it can make the small space look cluttered.

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom?

Decorate Your Bedroom with small spaceHow To Decorate A Small Bedroom
When you decor bedroom with small space, you need to ensure the decoration is simple, without make it cluttered and make space look narrow.
• Add wallpaper to your wall as the focal point. Just you have small space, it does not mean you unable to decor with patterns. The bold patterns wallpaper with large-scale patterns, that cohesive to your headboard will make it look larger.
• Get creative to use floating shelves for your bedroom as decor and furniture. You can use floating shelves for replacing nightstand table, like bookshelves, as laptop desks, as decor set.
• Cool bed canopy. Make your bed luxurious with a metal canopy. You can add silk fabrics to give an accent of bohemian or coastal beach.
• Make DIY artwork. If you have a high sense of the art of having DIY skills, then you might want to make unique and personal artwork to add to your bedroom decor. You can be inspired by yarn lantern, DIY chalkboard paint, and others.
• Neon wall sculpture is one of the examples of how you can make a statement of an art piece for your bedroom. Make your own quotes that will refresh your mind when night come or a quote about you and your spouse.

Saving space in small space bedroom

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom
As the bedroom gets a small space in your home, I do some tricks to make it look larger and spacious.
• Use bright and light color. For small space, white can expand the room and make it free from cluttered one. If you afraid the color look cold or void, you can combine with different texture color or pattern to layer the white color.
• Magnify the room with mirrors. Corporate mirrors to your small bedroom to reflect more light to your bedroom. The other way is using a tall length mirror stand and places it against the wall to reflect the space.
• Live vertically. This is the best option for those who have limited floor space but they have a higher ceiling to make the vertical structure. The vertical build with the loft or platform area and the underneath used for storage or the work area such as table and chairs.
• Bed with under storage. Next furniture that recommended for you that save space and work doubled is bed with under storage. It gives you the extra storage for your stuff.

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