Simplicity modern small kitchen design

Get the modern small kitchen design ideas that comfortable and nice to you. When it about the small room, no matter what, there are many challenges that need to do to make your small space effective and efficient functionally but still lovely to look.

Simplicity modern small kitchen design ideas

Kitchen design ideas for small space

Kitchen design ideas for small space
• Cube kitchen. Cube kitchen is areas that do not have closing or cramping space. The counter is double work as breakfast and dining table.
• Open up skylight design. Make your small kitchen space look bigger with the opened roof by installing the glass roof right in the kitchen island.
• Country kitchen. The country kitchen idea is neat, organized and effective to keep all things in the kitchen.
• Adding the rug to your kitchen. This is the other way for decorating and also makes your kitchen warmer.
• Subway tile. This is the designs that make your space look larger with the wide patterns available.

Tricks on saving space in small kitchen ideas

Tricks on saving space in small kitchen ideas
When it come small space, you need arrangement that give you space for store your stuffs and cooking ware.
• Let as much as you can light enter the kitchen. If it is available, let the natural light enter to the kitchen areas as much as can. Open the window can extend the visualization of the area horizon that impacts on bigger space look. You can add some elegant touch such as small herbs pots or sconces inside of the windows.
• Consider efficient small kitchen island. Even in a small kitchen, you can corporate with right kitchen island. Choose the small kitchen island that has hidden racks for store the dishes, wine bottle and many more in organized ways.
• Get statement lighting. Who says that your kitchen is unable to have a statement lighting option? You can go to the amazing chandelier, eclectic fixture or with the industrial fixture. These extraordinary lightings are giving your kitchen with an additional focal point to make the small kitchen look awesome.
• Want to have a breakfast nook in a small kitchen? Is ok. You can add the extra space in your countertop and use it as double space for countertop and also as nook table. Add 2 or 3 café chairs that will make it look fun and make the floor look airy.
• Ditch your kitchen hardware. Avoid the bulky hardware in kitchen cabinetry and drawers. As it is stated that modern small kitchen design ideas emphasize to simplicity, so the easy and streamline furniture make it look spacious and clean.

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