Top 3 Tips Designing a Utility Room Ideas

The utility room ideas is really important for most people. This is a room where all of the messy, noisy and even smell stuff will be kept and might be more vital for households with children and pets – especially for those who live in the countryside. Then a well-planned utility room should provide you with a space to place your tumble dryer, washing machine, storages and so on. If possible, there is a big sink to wash your items which do not need to mix in the kitchen stuff such as pet accessories, clothes and so on. This is a really great idea to find out in home and garden magazine UK.

Tips Designing a Utility Room

So, where is the best place for your utility room?
A utility room could be a noisy space. For this reason, then you can choose one space which far away from your dining spaces or relaxation spaces. If you do not avoid to place a utility room close to the living space or bedroom, then you have to choose for the noise-reducing equipment. If you have a basement or cellar, then this is very ideal to place your utility room. You should know that enter this room through the back door is so useful.

How to design a utility room?
To start, then you have to ensure that you have enough cold and hot water supply for your washing machine and sink. Keep in mind that if you have the holed tumble dryer, then you will need something to vent to. If you do not have the windows, then you can plan to get extractor in order to reduce the moisture when you consider getting air-drying clothes in that area. There are many things that you should know first and it is better to get ventilation and get natural light in your space, at least one.

A utility bathroom or laundry room?
If you have enough space and specific boot room to keep your coats, shoes, etc or even separated laundry room – it is actually a very great idea. People often thought that a utility room is the extension of the kitchen. However, this is based on what you usually do before you decide where this place should be placed. You can decide by your need, however, a utility room is more than just extended kitchen. You can home and garden magazine UK for more utility designs. There are many ideas and tips that you can choose.

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